Hey Pretty!

hey pretty pack your bags
from riches to rags
everything is possible
i think there is a lack
of happiness
life could be so wonderful if we sang more than we sigh

radio’s not dead
we’re on the right track
that’s what makes it livable
the longer i look back
the more i want to check
out of this godforsaken line
so let’s get out of here!

oh! hey pretty give me all your song
oh! your melody, your major-poetry
oh! let me be your final word
oh and you could be
a pretty rhyme for me

hey pretty we’ve got something to sing
so let’s begin
they will listen whether they like it or not
and you know what i’d do
if we ever sing out of tune
i’ll just turn the sound up: loud is the new black

hey pretty grab your bags
and no regrets
a lot of stages wait for us
a chance is not a choice
so raise your voice
music is a louder love
and they’ll never silence us!


yeah if the melody is gone
i’ll rap it
i’ll paperback it
before my memory is foam
i’ll write it on a wall of stone
and when i’m grey and old, i’ll whistle all along
yeah they can take my teeth and take my tongue!