one more step a thousand miles left to go
if I could I’d spread my toes and fly
over this grave and all that makes me cave in
one more wish and a thousand left to die
oh I need a star a candle in the window
or maybe I just need to make ends meet
but in truth there’s not so much I’m really needing
sometimes even truth isn’t what I need

take me away don’t say goodbye
a new day will come I will be alright
take me away don’t say goodbye
wherever you are, before the morning light
we could meet in ireland

Well I’m sorry for the things I haven’t told you
and I’m sorry no condolence is sincere
sometimes I wish it all wasn’t that easy
sometimes I just wish that you were here


this is where it hurts
where reason just won’t work
there’s nothing to forgive and not a thing to understand
and I believe we’ll meet again
and I think we’ll be enough
and I believe we’re measured by
the people who we love