Only here

well i thought it’s always mice or men
it’s the dice or it’s the masterplan
but i’ve i’ve never been so wrong

this is not where luck is anything
but a map of lost and illoyal friends
and where you can’t escape your fears
but everyone gets his own chinese souvenir

only here – i can pray my fathers prayers
and only here – i can cry my mothers tears
so hallelujah you take me for who i am
and i am here
and finally alright after all these years
here’s my history
only here

hell i fought advice and helping hands
paid the sober price of drunken plans
to hurt who silently believed in me

now i’m confronted with the beauty of
all the smiles of the ones i love
i swear it brings me to my knees


if it’s time to let it go
where do we go from here?
it’s time to let it go